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The machine learning revolution is already having a significant impact across the social sciences and business, but it is also beginning to change computational science and engineering in fundamental and very varied ways.

We are experiencing the rise of new and simpler data-driven methods based on techniques from machine learning such as deep learning. This revolution allows for the development of radical new techniques to address problems known to be very challenging with traditional methods and suggests the potential dramatic enhancement of existing methods through data informed parameter selection, both in static and dynamic modes of operation. Techniques are emerging that allows us to produce realistic solutions from non-sterilized computational problems in diverse physical sciences.

However, the urgent and unmet need to formally analyze, design, develop and deploy these emerging methods and develop algorithms must be addressed. Many central problems, e.g., enforcement of physical constraints in machine learning techniques and efficient techniques to deal with multiscale problems, are unmet in existing methods.

The primary goal of this Hot Topic workshop is to bring together leading researchers across various fields to discuss recent results and techniques at the interface between traditional methods and emerging data-driven techniques to enable innovation in scientific computing in computational science and engineering.

This workshop is fully funded by a Simons Foundation Targeted Grant to Institutes.

Confirmed Speakers & Participants