Printing Instructions for Windows 7

The following instructions assume you are connected to the Brown University network via wireless (Brown or Brown-Guest).

  1. Open the Control Panel and navigate to the Devices and Printers window.
  2. Click “Add a printer” at the top of the window.
  3. In the Add Printer dialog, select “Add a network, wireless or Bluetooth printer”.
  4. Select “The printer that I want wasn’t listed”.
  5. In the Hostname or IP Address box, enter the printer’s device address for the printer you wish to add.
    • 11th Floor Copier:
    • 10th Floor LaserJet A:
    • 10th Floor LaserJet B:
  6. Click next and Windows should automatically detect the printer.
  7. If prompted, you may need to select the printer make and model.
    • For the 11th Floor Copier, select Canon -> Canon iR 5055/5065.
    • For the 10th Floor LaserJets, select HP -> HP LaserJet P4015.
  8. Give the printer a name.
  9. If prompted, choose “Do not share this printer”.
  10. At this point, Windows should tell you the printer was added successfully.  If you wish, print a test page, then click “finish”.

If you have questions about these instructions or require further assistance, please contact the ICERM IT staff by dropping by the administrative offices or emailing