Wireless Access at ICERM

Brown has two wireless internet networks: “Brown” and “Brown-Guest.” In order to connect to “Brown,” you must have a Brown user account, which is created when activating your Brown ID card. "Eduroam" access is also available for members of participating institutions.

1. Connecting to Brown-Guest

If you are a guest or have not yet set up “Brown” on your device, you must connect using “Brown-Guest.” Using the device you’d like to connect, choose the wireless network Brown-Guest from your list of wireless networks. When you open a web browser, you will be prompted to accept the guest network terms of use to start using the Internet. (On some devices, like macOS, the terms of use window will open automatically after connecting.)

Please be aware that Brown’s guest wireless network is unencrypted and bandwidth is limited. You cannot access library resources and some other Brown resources using Brown-Guest. For these reasons, we recommend everyone with a Brown user account use “Brown” wireless (see instructions below.)

2. Activate Your Brown ID/Create your Brown User Account

Visit http://activate.brown.edu and follow the instructions to activate your Brown ID card and create your Brown user account and password.

Note: When prompted for your ID number, it is the 9 digit number above your photograph on the Brown ID card. You only need to activate your Brown ID card once.

3. Connecting to Brown

In order to connect to “Brown” secure wireless network, you must first have activated your Brown ID and created your user account in step #2. At this point, connect first to “Brown-Guest” (see step #1) and visit http://wifi.brown.edu. This website will walk you through configuring your device for Brown wireless.

Once you’ve selected to accept the terms of the End User License Agreement, this page will take you through the configuration step by step. After this initial configuration, in most cases, you will be automatically connected to “Brown” when in range of the network. If not, you can manually choose “Brown” from your list of wireless networks.

If you have questions about these instructions or require further assistance, please contact the ICERM IT staff by dropping by the administrative offices or emailing support@icerm.brown.edu.