Simons Foundation Targeted Grant

ICERM is the recipient of one of the Simons Foundation Targeted Grants to Institutes. The Simons funding, totaling nearly $1 million over 5-years (2017-2021), enhances and expands ICERM's efforts to bring top scholars to the institute to explore big questions in mathematical research.

ICERM uses the additional funding to improve financial support for the academic leaders of the institute’s semester-long topical conferences and workshops.

ICERM also uses these funds for a new type of workshop that focuses on exciting and emerging discoveries in mathematics. By design, these 2-3 day "Hot Topic" workshops allows the institute to attract key organizers and speakers, and be much nimbler when developing the programs (within 3-4 months, rather than 16-20 months for our regular workshops).

How to propose a "Hot Topics" workshop.