Become an ICERM Academic Sponsor

ICERM draws top scholars from around the world to Providence to conduct research on topics at the interface of mathematics and computation.

ICERM actively works with regional, national and global research institutes and companies to create workshops, conferences, and unique research opportunities that are relevant to both. Representatives from Microsoft Research, Facebook, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, and Math for America, serve on the Institute's Advisory Boards.

Academic sponsorships help to support the activities at ICERM. In return, sponsors receive the following benefits:
ICERM's Academic Sponsorship program enables its members to gain insight into cutting edge mathematical research from peer institutions and industry, apply what they learn from participation in ICERM programs to their own research efforts, support the training of a new generation of mathematical scientists, and enhance math education in a diverse community.

  • $1,500: U.S. Programs with 25 or fewer Ph.D. students
  • $3,000: U.S. Programs with greater than 25 Ph.D. students
  • $5,000: International institutions and universities

The annual sponsorship fee is allocated for support of an institution's participation in ICERM programs and events. Up to 200% of the balance of sponsor funds may be applied to support the travel of graduate students to ICERM programs. Applicants from sponsor institutions will receive priority status for support at ICERM events and programs from these sponsorship funds.

How it Works:
Each Academic Sponsor institute has an accumulating account at ICERM in which their annual sponsorship fee is set aside for use towards ICERM-related activities. Sponsor institutions appoint a designated contact to communicate requests for these funds. Members can access the available funds within four consecutive academic years. Unused funds after this period are not redeemable.

Academic sponsors may join at any time for a pro-rated fee.

ICERM's Academic Sponsorship term begins September 1st and runs through August 31st.

Sponsors receive:
  • Notification when a researcher from the sponsor’s department is accepted into an ICERM program in order to review eligibility for funding;
  • Public acknowledgement of support via ICERM's website and publications;
  • Specially designed posters to advertise the department’s ICERM sponsorship and how faculty and students can take advantage of earmarked funding.

Contact Information
Organizations interested in becoming an Academic Sponsor should contact:

Juliet Duyster
Financial Manager
+1 401-863-5018

We appreciate your support of ICERM.