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ICERM draws top scholars from around the world to Providence to conduct research on topics at the interface of mathematics and computation, work that can be applied to a broad range of business challenges, including cryptography, cyber security, energy production and distribution, finance, personalized medicine, search engines, and social networks.

ICERM has partnered with Google, IBM and Microsoft, whose representatives serve on the Institute's Scientific Advisory Board. ICERM actively seeks opportunities to work with regional, national and global companies to create workshops, conferences, and unique research opportunities that are relevant to industry.

Benefits to Sponsors
The Institute's Corporate Sponsorship program enables its members to gain insight into cutting edge mathematical research, apply what they learn from participation in ICERM programs to their own commercial applications, support the training of a new generation of mathematical scientists, enhance math education in a diverse community, and ultimately remain competitive in an ever-changing market. The base membership includes:


  • Invitation for two people to attend any of ICERM's workshops occuring within membership year;
  • Co-sponsor lectures, workshops and conferences;
  • Gain direct access to young scientific talent;
  • Generate ideas for future ICERM programs;
  • Build collaborations that enrich research or product development;
  • Receive public acknowledgement of support via ICERM's website and publications;
  • Gain access to additional a la carte benefits (priced per event, see below).


Membership is for sponsors who would like exposure to the research topics featured in ICERM's various long and short program workshops, as well as opportunities to interact with the Institute's organizers, participants, students and postdocs.

Members at this level receive:


  • The sponsor's name and logo on the ICERM website and newsletters;
  • Invitation for two people to attend each of ICERM's workshops;
  • Access to the a la carte menu;


À La Carte Menu – Priced Per Event
Members can:


  • Fully sponsor a public lecture
  • Fully sponsor a workshop or conference
  • Sponsor a diversity event
  • Create a named postdoctoral fellow
  • Sponsor IdeaLab for early career researchers
  • Sponsor K-12 outreach series


Click here to display a PDF listing ICERM's à la carte details.

Other Supported Activities
The Annual Membership fee also helps to fund:


  • Travel scholarships for researchers and students to attend ICERM programs;
  • Diversity program sponsorships;
  • K-12 outreach efforts;
  • Coffee and tea breaks that foster collaboration.


Contact Information: Organizations interested in becoming a Corporate Sponsor should contact:

Juliet Duyster

Financial Manager


We appreciate your continued support of ICERM.

Current Sponsors