Technology Resources Overview

  • State of the art Lecture Hall

  • Conference Room with Polycom System

Welcome to ICERM. We hope your stay is a productive one. In order to facilitate the research process, ICERM has a full suite of technology available for visitor use. On the tabs below you'll find useful information for your stay. If you have any questions or you can't find the information you're looking for, please feel free to contact me.

Thank you,
Mathew Borton, Director of Information Technology

Mathew Borton
Director of Information Technology
+1 401-863-7581
Adam Jilling
Application Developer
+1 401-863-7358
Brian Lavall
Technical Support Coordinator
+1 401-863-5017
Bernadette McHugh
Web Content Editor
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 IT Help Guides
Instructions for wireless access, printing setup, and the Virtual Desktops system are available on the IT Help Guides page.

ICERM provides thin clients in all offices as well as in the common areas for visitor use. The thin clients run a custom thin version of Linux and provide open access to a web browser, SSH terminal and printing capability.

ICERM provides access to virtual Linux desktops to long-term visitors (those who are issued a Brown ID) via Red Hat Virtualization. Virtual Machine access may be provided to short-term visitors as well on a case-by-case basis and with advance notice. For a list of currently installed applications please click the "Software" tab located above.

Visitors are welcome to bring their own devices. ICERM provides wireless access as well as printing access.

The following video contains instructions for activating accounts, connecting to wireless, using the thin client machines, and printing: Tutorial Video Video

The Audio/Visual systems in ICERM's meeting spaces have been designed to provide maximum flexibility to meet varying presentation styles and needs. All three spaces are equipped with Apple computers. The list of available software can be found under the Software tab above. Blu-ray players and external laptop connections are also supplied in all three rooms. Specific details for each room are described below.

Lecture Hall:
ICERM has several options available for your presentation needs. The preferred method is to bring your presentation with you on a USB drive. ICERM's presentation system incorporates a sympodium smart screen that allows for interactive on-screen notation during presentation, with the possibility of capturing the notes for archival.

Another option to display notes or presentation slides is to use your personal laptop. ICERM has the cables required to attach most models to the AV system. However if you plan to use your own machine we recommend consulting the IT staff prior to your scheduled presentation time in order to ensure compatibility.

In addition to methods above, the lecture hall system has an integrated document camera that can be used with either transparencies or loose notes. The entire wall behind the speaker is also a writeable surface. A blu-ray player is also available for use.

Sessions in the lecture hall can be recorded using the Panopto lecture capture system. Please contact the IT staff for details.

While ICERM records all workshop and tutorial lectures we will only post your lecture in our video archive after receiving your signed video release form.

Conference Room:
The ICERM conference room is available for small sessions. This room has a sympodium setup identical to the lecture hall, as well as connections for personal laptops. The conference room also has an integrated polycom teleconference system. Other teleconferencing needs can be accomodated with advance notice. Please contact the program staff to schedule use.

10th Floor Seminar Room:
The 10th floor seminar room is a classroom setting. This room features a smart board that allows for real-time annotation similar to the sympodium. The smart board can be used either with a personal laptop or the in room computer. A blu-ray player is available in this room as well. Please contact the technical staff for assistance.

ICERM and Brown maintain a large library of software for use on ICERM equipment. Below is a list of currently installed titles. If you do not see a specific application listed, please contact the ICERM IT staff to request it.

Linux VM:
  • Python/iPython
  • Matlab R2016b
  • Mathematica 11
  • Maple 2016
  • LaTeX & Texmaker
  • Sage 7.4
  • Emacs
  • Vi
  • Perl
  • Git
  • Dropbox
  • LibreOffice
Presentation Mac Minis:
  • MS Office
  • Apple Pages, Numbers, & Keynote
  • Adobe Acrobat
  • Smartboard Tools
  • VLC
  • Mathematica
  • Maple
  • Macaulay 2.4
  • Matlab
  • Sage
  • MacTex/TexLive
  • Python 2.7

ICERM follows Brown University's polices for computing practices. These can be found here.

The following policies are specific to ICERM:

User Data Retention Policy
ICERM will store images of participants' virtual machines and any data created and stored on ICERM systems for a period of six months from the user's last login. After six months data will be purged at the convenience of ICERM IT staff.

Patch Policy
IT will apply patches and updates if necessary every Thursday between 3:30 and 4:00, or during the afternoon coffee break, if it is at a different time. IT resources may not be available at this time.

Recording Policy
While ICERM records all workshop and tutorial lectures we will only post your lecture in our video archive after receiving your signed video release form. Requests for lecture capture at other times will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

In addition to the resources available at ICERM, Brown provides many facilities that may be useful for mathematical research.

The Center for Computation and Visualization (CCV) provides a high performance computing environment for complex numerical simulation, modeling, and analysis. ICERM provides user accounts for visitors on an as needed basis. See the CCV web page for more details.

CCV also provides resources for visualization including an immersive virtual reality platform known as the cave. Details can be found here.

The Patrick Ma Digital Scholarship lab, housed in the Rockefeller Library, is a collaboration-focused resource containing a video wall capable of accepting and displaying input from multiple devices simultaneously in a flexible format. Detailed information can be found here.

For more information or assistance accessing these or any other resources, please see ICERM IT staff.