The scientific administration of the Institute for Computational and Experimental Research in Mathematics (ICERM) will rest with the Director and the Associate Directors.


Photo Jill Pipher
Jill Pipher
ICERM Director jill_pipher@icerm.brown.edu
Phone: +1-401-863-7010
Photo Sergei Tabachnikov
Sergei Tabachnikov
ICERM Deputy Director
Professor of Mathematics at Penn State sergei_tabachnikov@icerm.brown.edu
Phone: 1-401-863-5015
Photo Homer Walker
Homer Walker
ICERM Deputy Director homer_walker@icerm.brown.edu
Phone: +1-401-863-5016
Photo Jeffrey Hoffstein
Jeffrey Hoffstein
Consulting Associate Director jhoff@math.brown.edu
Phone: +1-401-863-3319
Photo Bjorn Sandstede
Bjorn Sandstede
Associate Director bjorn_sandstede@icerm.brown.edu
Phone: +1-401-863-5101
Photo Govind Menon
Govind Menon
Associate Director, Special Projects (VI-MSS) govind_menon@brown.edu
Phone: +1-401-863-3793
Photo Ulrica Wilson
Ulrica Wilson
Associate Director for Diversity and Outreach ulrica_wilson@icerm.brown.edu
Phone: +1-404-653-7887
Photo Mathew Borton
Mathew Borton
IT Manager mathew_borton@icerm.brown.edu
Phone: +1-401-863-7581
Photo Isani Cayentano
Isani Cayetano
Technical Support Coordinator Isani_Cayetano@icerm.brown.edu
Phone: +1-401-863-5017
Photo Ruth Crane
Ruth Crane
Assistant Director ruth_crane@icerm.brown.edu
Phone: +1-401-863-6900
Photo Katie Droney
Katie Droney
Financial Coordinator kathryn_droney@icerm.brown.edu
Phone: +1-401-863-5021
Photo Juliet Duyster
Juliet Duyster
Financial Manager Juliet_Duyster@icerm.brown.edu
Phone: +1-401-863-5018
Photo Nicole Henrichs
Nicole Henrichs
Program Coordinator nicole_henrichs@icerm.brown.edu
Phone: +1-401-863-5030
Photo Bernadette McHugh
Bernadette McHugh
Web Content Editor bernadette_mchugh@icerm.brown.edu
Phone: +1-401-863-5022
Photo Shaun Wallace
Shaun Wallace
Senior Application Developer shaun_wallace@icerm.brown.edu
Phone: +1-401-863-7635
Photo Lauren Warmington
Lauren Warmington
Program Manager lauren_warmington@icerm.brown.edu
Phone: +1-401-863-7696
Photo Kyle Fox
Kyle Fox
Postdoctoral Fellow
Photo Danupon Nanongkai
Danupon Nanongkai
Postdoctoral Fellow
Photo Amanda Redlich
Amanda Redlich
Postdoctoral Fellow
Photo Giulio Tiozzo
Giulio Tiozzo
Institute Postdoctoral Fellow
Photo Charalampos Tsourakakis
Charalampos Tsourakakis
Postdoctoral Fellow
Photo Grigory Yaroslavtsev
Grigory Yaroslavtsev
Institute Postdoctoral Fellow

The Board of Trustees oversees all institute activities. This includes being responsible for reviewing the budget for the coming year, developing policies and procedures, advising on the appointment of new directors and actively recruiting for the position as needed, and taking a leadership role in fundraising and public awareness. The Board of Trustees has a face-to-face meeting at ICERM for one day each year (usually in late spring), and one or two conference-call meetings if needed.

Board of Trustees

Barbara Keyfitz (Chair) Ohio State University
Sir John BallUniversity of Oxford
Jennifer Chayes Microsoft Research
Peter JonesYale University
David Keyes Columbia University/KAUST
Yvon Maday Université Pierre et Marie Curie
Srinivasa VaradhanNew York University
Bin YuUniversity of California at Berkeley

The Scientific Advisory Board will be responsible for approving the programs and scientific activities of the Institute. In addition, through direct communication with the Director, Science Board members will be involved in shaping the direction of the scientific enterprise through specific suggestions of thematic programs and of program organizers. Terms will be three years, staggered for the initial appointments. Three of the seats on this Board are reserved for senior representatives of Google, IBM, and Microsoft.

Scientific Advisory Board


Andrea Bertozzi (Chair) University of California at Los Angeles
Henry CohnMicrosoft Research
Charles Epstein University of Pennsylvania
Anna Gilbert University of Michigan
Sally Goldman Google Research
Jun LiuHarvard University
Robert PegoCarnegie Mellon University
George PapanicolaouStanford University
Cynthia Phillips Sandia National Laboratories
Guillermo Sapiro Duke University
Richard Schwartz Brown University
Robert S. Sutor IBM
Yuri Tschinkel New York University
Peter Winkler Dartmouth College



Photo of Scientific Advisory Board (Nov 2010)
[ICERM's inaugural SAB members. Front from left to right: Richard Kenyon, Tom Dean,
Andrew Odlyzko, Henry Cohn, Juan Meza, Jill Pipher, Jun Liu, Jan Hesthaven, Brenda Dietrich;
Back from left to right: Eli Upfal, Bernd Sturmfels, Robert Pego, David Gabai, Andrea Bertozzi, Bjorn Sandstede]

The Education Advisory Board is charged with (1) oversight of the mentoring mechanisms and professional development of both graduate students and postdoctoral candidates, (2) oversight of undergraduate research programs, and helping to develop and identify successful proposals, and (3) developing proposals for K-12 outreach programs, including student internships and teacher education, and identifying alternative sources of funding.

Education Advisory Board

Thomas Banchoff (Chair) Brown University
Karen HaberstrohBrown University
Irina Mitrea Temple University
Frank MorganWilliams College
Allison Pacelli Williams College
Lynn Rakatansky RI Mathematics Teachers Association Executive Board
Ulrica Wilson Morehouse College
Kenneth Wong Brown University
Photo Name
Jeff Brock
Emeritus Deputy Director
Faculty and Chair, Mathematics
Brown University
Phone: +1-401-863-1132
Photo Name
Jan Hesthaven
Emeritus Deputy Director
Professor and Chair, Computational
Mathematics and Simulation
Phone: +41 21 69 30351