Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees oversees all institute activities. This includes being responsible for reviewing the budget for the coming year, developing policies and procedures, advising on the appointment of new directors and actively recruiting for the position as needed, and taking a leadership role in fundraising and public awareness. The Board of Trustees has a face-to-face meeting at ICERM for one day each year (usually in late spring), and one or two conference-call meetings if needed.

Board of Trustee member appointments are for four years. Chairs from the Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) and the Education Advisory Board (EAB), as well as the ICERM Directors, act as ex officio members.

Board of Trustees Group Photo

Board of Trustees 2020
From top left: Peter Jones, Ruth Crane, Brendan Hassett, Julia Kempe. Second row: John Ball, Jonathan Mattingly, Bruce Hendrickson, Sigal Gottlieb. Third row: Karen Smith, Jennifer Chayes, David Keyes, Kavita Ramanan. Bottom row: Ulrica Wilson, Jill Pipher, Marian Bocea (NSF), and Charlie Epstein. Not pictured: Carly Klivans and Jill Mesirov.

Scientific Advisory Board

The Scientific Advisory Board will be responsible for approving the programs and scientific activities of the Institute. In addition, through direct communication with the Director, Science Board members will be involved in shaping the direction of the scientific enterprise through specific suggestions of thematic programs and of program organizers. Terms will be three years, staggered for the initial appointments.

Scientific Advisory Board terms are for three years. The ICERM Directors act as ex officio members of this committee.

Scientific Advisory Board Group Photo

Scientific Advisory Board 2019
Back row, l-r: Mauro Maggioni, Jeff Brock, Anna Lysyanskaya, Jon Wilkening, Sigal Gottlieb, Henry Cohn, Joe Silverman, Rachel Kuske, Carol Woodward, Brendan Hassett; Front row, l-r: Liliana Borcea, Eli Grigsby, Misha Kilmer, Jesús De Loera, Carly Klivans. Not pictured: Vanja Dukic, Bill Goldman, and Kavita Ramanan.

Education Advisory Board

The Education Advisory Board 1) oversees the undergraduate research programs, and helps to develop and identify successful proposals, 2) helps to develop proposals for outreach programs and events that are aligned with the mission of the institute, and 3) helps to identify sources of funding for education and outreach activities.

Education Advisory Board terms are for three years. The ICERM Directors act as ex officio members of this committee.

Education Advisory Board Group Photo

Education Advisory Board 2020
Top row, l-r: Brendan Hassett, Caroline Klivans, Sigal Gottlieb, Katharine, Ott; Second row, l-r: Jessica Sidman, Ulrica Wilson, Ryan Hynd, Thomas Garrity; Third row, l-r: John Ewing, Javier Rojo, Marian Bocea (NSF rep), and Cathy Boutin. Not picture: Tarik Aougab and Rachel Levy.