Sigal Gottlieb's Photo
Sigal Gottlieb
Associate Director for Special Projects
Brendan Hassett's Photo
Brendan Hassett
Jeffrey Hoffstein's Photo
Jeffrey Hoffstein
Consulting Associate Director
Misha Kilmer's Photo
Misha Kilmer
Deputy Director
Caroline Klivans's Photo
Caroline Klivans
Deputy Director
Jill Pipher's Photo
Jill Pipher
Director Emerita
Kavita Ramanan's Photo
Kavita Ramanan
Associate Director
Bjorn Sandstede's Photo
Bjorn Sandstede
Associate Director
Ulrica Wilson's Photo
Ulrica Wilson
Associate Director for
Diversity and Outreach


Mathew Borton's Photo
Mathew Borton
Director of Information Technology
IT Operations, Strategic Planning, and Project Management
Juliet Duyster's Photo
Juliet Duyster
Assistant Director of Finance and Administration
Financial, Grant, and Risk Management Oversight, Human Resources, and Fundraising
Teresa Fitzsenry's Photo
Teresa Fitzsenry
Program Coordinator
Event Support, Housing, and Visas
Zachary Hyman's Photo
Zachary Hyman
Application Developer
Mobile/Web Application Design, Application, and Development
Brian Lavall's Photo
Brian Lavall
Senior Systems Administrator
Web Services Management, Systems Administration, and Audio-Visual/Technical Support
Bernadette McHugh's Photo
Bernadette McHugh
IT Customer Experience Manager
Website, Graphics, Social Media, and Audio-Visual/Technical Support
Tori Santonil's Photo
Tori Santonil
Senior Application Developer
Mobile/Web Application Design, Development, Project Management
Kellie Shaughnessy's Photo
Kellie Shaughnessy
Program Coordinator
Event Support, Housing, and Visas
Jenna Sousa's Photo
Jenna Sousa
Program Manager
Nina Succi's Photo
Nina Succi
Coordinator of Finance and Administration
Reimbursements and Travel

Emeritus Leadership

Jeff Brock's Photo
Jeff Brock
Emeritus Associate Director
Eli Grigsby's Photo
Eli Grigsby
Emerita Deputy Director
Jan Hesthaven's Photo
Jan Hesthaven
Emeritus Deputy Director
Professor and Chair,
Computational Mathematics and Simulation, EPFL-SB-MATHICSE
Govind Menon's Photo
Govind Menon
Emeritus Associate Director (VI-MSS)
Professor of Applied Mathematics,
Brown University
Sinai Robins's Photo
Sinai Robins
Emeritus Deputy Director
Professor of Mathematics,
University of São Paulo, Brasil
Sergei Tabachnikov's Photo
Sergei Tabachnikov
Emeritus Deputy Director
Professor of Mathematics,
Pennsylvania State University
Homer Walker's Photo
Homer Walker
Emeritus Deputy Director