Organizing Committee
  • Jeffrey Hoffstein
    Brown University
  • Jill Pipher
    Brown University - ICERM
  • Bimal Roy
    Indian Statistical Institute

This workshop focuses on mathematical and statistical aspects of public key cryptography. The main ingredients from mathematics so far include discrete logarithms and factoring over the integers, generalizations of the discrete logarithm to elliptic curves, hyperelliptic curves and further generalizations, aspects of infinite non-abelian groups, and closest vector problems (CVP) in integer lattices. Cryptanalysis in all of these areas can involve analyses of patterns in vast amounts of data, hence the need for statistical methods. One goal of this workshop, though not the only one, is to focus attention on the problem of quantifying the complexity of lattice-based problems, for example extrapolating the difficulty of solving a CVP in an integer lattice as a function of its dimension and other parameters.

A copy of the presentations given at this workshop is available as a PDF document.

Confirmed Speakers & Participants

Talks will be presented virtually or in-person as indicated in the schedule below.

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