October 5, 2011 - Today, the NSF launched "SAVI", Science Across Virtual Institutes. Building on beneficial partnerships initiated by NSF-supported researchers, research institutes and universities, SAVI projects will address common challenges and serve as creative hubs for innovative research and education activities across borders. NSF will support U.S. participants, while their international partners will be supported by their own national or regional funding source.

During today's launch at the NSF in Washington, DC, ICERM Director Jill Pipher introduced the Virtual Institute for Mathematical and Statistical Sciences (VI-MSS) which, as part of SAVI, connects two existing NSF mathematical and statistical research institutes (ICERM and SAMSI) with several Indian research institutes, capitalizing on the strength of each in different facets of research. Jill was quoted as saying, "VI-MSS will address many global challenges by supporting fundamental and computational research in mathematics and statistics related to issues such as sustainability, cybersecurity, health, and the extraction of useful information from massive and complex data."

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