ICERM Funding Advisory

For participants registered for workshops running through May 30, 2020: All ICERM programming scheduled through the end of May has been moved online to a virtual platform. We will reach out to all registered participants with more details as schedules firm-up.

For participants registered for workshops May 31 through August 30, 2020, without firm travel plans: If you haven't bought transportation tickets yet, please defer purchasing them until May 1. If you haven't booked lodging, please only reserve hotels contracted with ICERM using the links we provide, to leave open the possibility of unrestricted cancellations. Please avoid making new prepaid reservations through Airbnb and similar sites.

For those participants registered for workshops May 30 through August 30, 2020, with confirmed travel plans: If you have already purchased transportation tickets and lodging, please do not make any changes to your transportation plans at this time. Should changes to your program be made, we will let you know and will include reimbursement details at that time. If you already have arranged for lodging outside of ICERM provided links (Airbnb, personally selected hotel, etc.), we advise you to try and cancel without penalty and reserve through hotels contracted with ICERM instead.

Reimbursement questions? Email