March 1, 2021 -

Last week ICERM completed a major upgrade to our website schedule system. The redesigned schedules are now live on the homepage and all 2021 program pages, and will be coming to past program pages in the future. Major features of the upgrade include:

  • A visual redesign to the schedules to improve readability and usability, especially on mobile devices.
  • Improvements to the associated materials for events, including full-text abstracts, the ability for us to add multiple associated files and links, and direct link to published live-streams and videos for specific schedule items.
  • Print views for workshop schedules, accessible from the "Export Schedule" menu on the workshop pages.
  • New iCalendar/ICS feeds both for specific programs/workshops and ICERM as a whole. You can subscribe to individual workshops from their workshop pages via that "Export Schedule" menu or to the full ICERM calendar feed at
  • A new "link to day" and "link to schedule item" feature that allows direct linking to specific days and items on the workshop pages. You can copy these links by hovering over a row and clicking the link icon that appears on the right.

If you previously subscribed to the Google calendar feed we shared, please update your calendar app with one of the new feeds as the old Google calendar feed will no longer be updated.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to email the IT team at