Professor of Mathematics Joseph Silverman presented “Arithmetic Dynamics: A Survey” at this year's International Congress of Mathematicians. Photos by Nick Dentamaro / Brown University.

July 14, 2022 - *These talks took place at ICERM on June 10, 2022*

Kavita Ramanan, Richard Schwartz, and Joseph Silverman landed the opportunity, considered a career pinnacle for many, to present at this year's prestigious ICM conference, an event held once every four years.

PROVIDENCE, R.I. [Brown University] — Every four years, the International Congress of Mathematicians convenes top scholars from across the globe for a series of presentations on every math specialty under the sun. For many invitees, presenting is a career-defining moment — equivalent to induction to a hall of fame.

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The videos of each talk are available on the International Mathematical Union's YouTube channel:

Kavita Ramanan, Interacting stochastic processes on sparse random graphs

Richard Schwartz, A survey talk on Billiards

Joseph Silverman, Survey Lecture on Arithmetic Dynamics