A special focus at ICERM is the training and mentorship of younger and early career mathematicians, through specific outreach programs and directed opportunities for connections between mathematicians at different stages in their career.

Training and Mentorship

ICERM's Roundtable Discussions are aimed at postdocs and graduate students and are scheduled over the course of ICERM's semester programs. The following sessions are led by Brown faculty and ICERM long-term visitors:

  • Ethics in Research I
  • Ethics in Research II (case studies)
  • Job Applications in Academia
  • Hiring Process
  • Papers and Journals
  • Grant Proposals

For detailed roundtable schedule information, see the semester program page.


During semester programs, ICERM's early career researchers work together to schedule regular postdoc/graduate student seminars, giving them an opportunity to discuss research topics and other issues without senior people present. Seminars are flexible and can feature things like talks by postdocs or graduate students on their current research, opportunities to read and report on papers, the introduction of upcoming talks in other seminars, etc.

Mentor Matching

ICERM's mentor matching program is for postdocs and graduate students who are at the institute long-term without their advisor. An ICERM director works closely with the program organizers to make an appropriate mentor/mentee match. ICERM fosters mentor/mentee relationship-building throughout the semester, and helps mentees create a professional network that will last well beyond the program.