Mathematical and Computational Aspects of Radar Imaging
(October 16-20, 2017)

Polarimetric synthetic-aperture radar (SAR) image,
courtesy of Sandia National Laboratories.


This workshop will bring together mathematicians and radar practitioners to address a variety of issues at the forefront of mathematical and computational research in radar imaging. Some of the topics planned include shadow analysis and exploitation, interferometry, polarimetry, micro-Doppler analysis, through-the-wall imaging, noise radar, compressive sensing, inverse synthetic-aperture radar, moving target identification, quantum radar, multi-sensor radar systems, waveform design, synthetic-aperture radiometry, passive sensing, tracking, automatic target recognition, over-the-horizon radar, ground-penetrating radar, and Fourier integral operators in radar imaging.

Organizing Committee

  • Margaret Cheney
    (Colorado State University)
  • Armin Doerry
    (Sandia National Laboratories)
  • Eric Mokole
    (The MITRE Corporation (U.S. Naval Research Laboratory, ret.))
  • Frank Robey
    (MIT Lincoln Laboratory)

= speaker    = poster presenter