Advances in Model Reduction with Application to Inverse Scattering Problems
(November 3, 2017)


Model order reduction is a wide topic in computational mathematics that is generally used to approximate the response of complex systems. A recent development in this field is concerned with using reduced order models for solving efficiently and accurately inverse problems for partial differential equations. Such reduced order models are called data driven, because they are constructed from data interpolation conditions. Moreover, they are designed to respect the physics of the problem, such as loss of resolution away from the surface of measurements in diffusive inverse problems and causality conditions in inverse problems for the wave equation. This workshop will be focused on this novel approach to inversion, with particular emphasis on applications to inverse scattering problems arising in seismic imaging. The workshop will also celebrate the work of Dr. Vladimir Druskin, who has been making outstanding contributions to this field.

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Organizing Committee

  • Liliana Borcea
    (University of Michigan)
  • Alexander Mamonov
    (University of Houston)
  • Shari Moskow
    (Drexel University)
  • Mikhail Zaslavsky

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