Illustrating Geometry and Topology
(September 16 - 20, 2019)

Obstructions to regular homotopy in smooth and polyhedral surfaces.
Image credit: Albert Chern, Ulrich Pinkall and Peter Schröder


This workshop will focus on the interaction between visualization, computer experiment, and theoretical advances in all areas of research in geometry and topology. Fruitful interactions of this type have a long history in the field, with physical models, computer images, and animations providing both illustration of existing work and inspiration for new developments. Emerging visualization technologies such as virtual reality are poised to further increase the tools available for mathematical illustration and experimentation. By bringing together expert practitioners of mathematical visualization techniques and researchers interested in incorporating such tools into their research, this workshop will give participants a clear picture of the state of the art in this fast-moving field while also fostering new collaborations and innovations in illustrating geometry and topology.

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