Illustrating Dynamics and Probability
(November 11 - 15, 2019)

A stable matching in the plane.
Image credit: Alexander E. Holroyd. Picture based on research
by Christopher Hoffman, Alexander Holroyd and Yuval Peres.


This workshop will focus on the theoretical insights developed via illustration, visualization, and computational experiment in dynamical systems and probability theory. Some topics from complex dynamics include: dynamical moduli spaces and their dynamically-defined subvarieties, degenerations of dynamical systems as one moves toward the boundary of moduli space, and the structure of algebraic data coming from a family of dynamical systems. In classical dynamical systems, some topics include: flows on hyperbolic spaces and Lorentz attractors, simple physical systems like billiards in two and three dimensional domains, and flows on moduli spaces. In probability theory, the workshop features: random walks and continuous time random processes like Brownian motion, SLE, and scaling limits of discrete systems.

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