ICERM is not only interested in individual successes, but also whether those successes can be attributed to or were influenced by participation in this program. Using unique identification numbers and data analyses, the institute administers 2 and 5-year follow-up surveys to measure the far-reaching impact of ICERM’s programs.

For this program, the 2-year-follow-up survey, which had a 61% response rate, shows that approximately 49% of the papers respondents have published since their involvement in ICERM can be attributed in some way to participation in the program. Additionally, approximately 68% of survey respondents can attribute a work in progress to their involvement in ICERM, demonstrating ICERM's long-term impact on participant research progress. Out of the 37 participants who completed this survey, thirty-three of them were currently collaborating with fellow ICERM participants on works in progress.

Approximately 41% of respondents had submitted proposals for funding based on work that was influenced by their participation in ICERM. Of the 15 proposals that were submitted by participants, 11 have been accepted for funding. Additionally, approximately 38% were invited to give a talk by someone they met while at ICERM and 60% gave a talk that was influenced in some way by their participation in the program.

Image courtesy of Dr. Véronique Sarano. All further use is prohibited without the express permission of Dr. Sarano.

Details & Statistics

Work in progress attributed to ICERM involvement

ICERM asked participants to indicate if they had works in progress that could be attributed to their involvement in an ICERM semester program that they attended approximately two years prior to taking the survey. Follow-up survey respondents (25) indicated that they currently have works in progress that could be attributed to their time at ICERM. These numbers indicate that information obtained from participating in ICERM's semester programs is still being used in participant research today, which highlights ICERM's long-term impact.

Proposals submitted and funded

ICERM participants were asked in a two-year follow-up survey to indicate if they had submitted proposals for funding based on their work influenced by participation in a semester program. Of the 25 survey respondents, 15 submitted proposals in this two-year period, and 11 were accepted.

Continued Connections

Below are details showing the type of connections made and if connections were maintained in the years prior to the two-year follow-up survey. Continued Connections from Semester Program


Self-Reported Publications

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