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Advanced Normalization Tools (ANTs, originating at on 2008-06-26 and now residing at is a computational framework for quantitative biological image analysis. ANTs was first created by Brian Avants, Nicholas Tustison, and Gang Song (now at Google) as a way to rapidly disseminate the latest methodological research to the community of scientists who depend on imaging analytics and the flexibility to study different organ systems, species or modalities all within the same computational framework. While originally focused on diffeomorphic image registration, ANTs grew to incorporate methods for segmentation, feature extraction and, more recently, evolved into a multi-package ecosystem featuring full statistical pipelines via ANTsR ( ), such as multiple modality inference of structural/functional relationships with neuroimaging, and deep learning functionality with ANTsRNet ( ). This tutorial by the primary ANTs developers will introduce researchers to various software tools from the ANTs ecosystem with hands-on learning using publicly available data.

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