The Research Experiences for Undergraduate Faculty (REUF) annual workshops are a formal collaboration between ICERM and the American Institute of Mathematics (AIM). These workshops bring together leading research mathematicians and faculty based at primarily undergraduate institutions to investigate open questions in the mathematical sciences and to equip participants with tools to engage in research with undergraduate students. REUF also serves to jump-start faculty who want to re-engage in research or who are considering a change in their research area.

Program Details
Accepted participants will receive support for travel, accommodation, and per diem. Preference will be given to faculty who teach and advise substantial numbers of minority students. Upcoming REUF programs are generally posted/open in early winter of each year.
Early-to-mid spring
REUF Continuation Groups
There are opportunities for participants to continue research activities beyond the workshop week. Past participants should contact if interested in more details.
View REUF outcomes that have been tracked since 2009.

REUF is supported by the National Science Foundation through DMS grants 1620073 to AIM and 1620080 to ICERM.

REUF 2017 Group at ICERM
2017 REUF Group at ICERM

Past REUF Programs