Become an Individual Supporter

Thank you for your interest in supporting ICERM! Learn more about our mission and our goals. Gifts can be made via Brown University's online giving portal.

ICERM falls under the umbrella of Brown University's status as 501(c)(3) charitable institution. All gifts are tax deductible to the extent allowed by Federal law.

Become an Academic Sponsor

Academic sponsors gain access to mathematical research from peer institutions and industry, apply what they learn from participation in ICERM programs to their own research efforts, support the training of a new generation of mathematical scientists, and enhance math education in a diverse community.

How it Works

The annual fee is allocated toward an institution's members to participate in ICERM programs and events. Up to 200% of the balance of sponsor funds may be applied to support the travel of graduate students to ICERM programs.

Sponsor institutions appoint a designated contact to coordinate requests for the funds. Members can access the available funds within four consecutive academic years. Unused funds after this period are not redeemable.

Sponsorship terms begin September 1st and runs through August 31st, however new sponsors may join at any time for a prorated fee.

Annual Sponsorship Tiers
  • $1,500: U.S. Programs with 25 or fewer Ph.D. students
  • $3,000: U.S. Programs with greater than 25 Ph.D. students
  • $5,000: International institutions and universities

Start your sponsorship by completing the Academic Sponsorship Commitment Form.

Become a Corporate Sponsor

Research at ICERM can be applied to a broad range of business challenges, including cryptography, cyber security, energy production and distribution, finance, personalized medicine, search engines, and social networks.

Benefits to Sponsors

Corporate Sponsorship enables members to gain access to mathematical research, apply what they learn at ICERM programs to their commercial applications, support the training of a new generation of mathematical scientists, and enhance math education in a diverse community.

Membership includes:
  • Invitation for two people to attend any of ICERM's workshops occurring within membership year;
  • Co-sponsor lectures, workshops and conferences;
  • Gain direct access to young scientific talent;
  • Generate ideas for future ICERM programs;
  • Build collaborations that enrich research or product development;
  • Receive public acknowledgement of support via ICERM's website and publications;
  • Gain access to additional a la carte benefits (priced per event, contact us for details).
The membership fee also helps to fund:
  • Travel scholarships for researchers and students to attend ICERM programs;
  • Diversity program sponsorships;
  • K-12 outreach efforts;
  • Coffee and tea breaks that foster collaboration.

Annual Membership – $5,000