Integrability in Mechanics and Geometry: Theory and Computations (June 1-5, 2015)

Application review will begin on March 9, 2015
Organizing Committee

This workshop focuses on topics at the interface of classical mechanics, differential geometry, and computer experiments. The directions of current research to be explored at the workshop include the study of invariants and complete integrability of geometrically motivated differential equations (in particular, vehicle motion, tire track geometry, and smoke ring equations), sub-Riemannian geometry, geometric control, nonholonomic systems (such as e.g. bicycle stability and nonholonomic methods in billiard problems), computational methods in mechanics and dynamics (including geometric integrators, biological applications, etc.).

The goal of the workshop is to explore broad applications of the mechanical approach to geometry and geometric one to classical mechanics, to foster interaction between researchers in the above areas, with a view of finding new domains for applications of these fertile ideas.

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