Frame Theory and Exponential Bases
(June 4 - 8, 2018)


The problem of decomposing a function into a sum of simply structured functions is a classical area of research in Analysis. Exciting recent progress, e.g. the solution to the Kadison-Singer problem, results about exponential frames and Riesz bases in various settings, and results about orthogonal exponential bases for convex polytopes, has re-energized discussion in this area, opened new directions for study, and turned it into an even more active and fruitful area for research. The goal of this workshop is to discuss such new developments in this area. In particular, the workshop will focus on problems regarding exponential systems in weighted spaces and the Fuglede conjecture. Related settings will also be of interest, for example: (i) Systems of vectors obtained by translating, translating and modulating, or translating and dilating a single function over the line; (ii) Sampling and decomposition of functions in the finite dimensional setting; (iii) Sampling and interpolation of functions in analytic function spaces.

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