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Scientific Machine Learning (SciML) is a merger of computational sciences and data-driven machine learning, implemented in software as a set of abstractions to leverage existing domain knowledge and physics models within learning schemes and accelerated computing platforms. Only now are the component technologies becoming mature and integrated, with the purpose of providing robust and reliable ML that encodes domain knowledge and yields interpretable solutions in nearly all sciences at any scale—from particle physics and protein folding, to epidemiology and economics, to climate and astrophysics.

While recent years have shown immense research progress in accelerating classical physics solvers and discovering new governing laws for complex physical systems, SciML methods and applications fall short of real-world utility. Across all physical and life sciences the technical maturity and validations necessary are lacking, failing, or unknown to SciML research. In the context of traditional and advanced industrial settings, this process requires operating in digital-physical environments marked by large-scale, three-dimensional, multi-modal data streams that are confounded with noise, sparsity, irregularities and other complexities that are common with machines and sensors interacting with the real, physical world.

This workshop focuses on the most recent advances in the field of applied SciML by bringing together the world-leading players in its industrialization, those at the forefront of advancing R&D armed with the critical experience necessary for building and scaling SciML in the wild.

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Confirmed Speakers & Participants

Talks will be presented virtually or in-person as indicated in the schedule below.

  • Speaker
  • Poster Presenter
  • Attendee
  • Virtual Attendee
  • Richard Ahfeld
  • Elie Alhajjar
  • Eytan Bakshy
  • Karianne Bergen
    Brown University
  • Juan Betts
  • Jing Bi
    Dassault Systemes Americas
  • Tetiana Bogodorova
    Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
  • Sam Buercklin
    Independent Research Software Engineer
  • Yu-Chin Chan
  • Bob Chatham
    Slater Technology Fund
  • Jorge Cisneros Paz
    The University of Texas at Austin
  • Marta D'Elia
    Pasteur Labs. and Stanford University
  • Alireza Doostan
    University of Colorado Boulder
  • Karthik Duraisamy
    University of Michigan
  • Clara Edmonds
  • Paul Escapil-Inchauspé
    Data Observatory Foundation
  • Tiffany Fan
    Stanford University
  • Dirk Hartmann
    Siemens Digital Industries Software
  • Quercus Hernandez
    University of Pennsylvania
  • Ameya Jagtap
    Division of Applied Mathematics
  • Jordan Jalving
    Pasteur Labs
  • Adar Kahana
    Brown University
  • Erdi Kara
    Spelman College
  • George Karniadakis
    Brown University
  • Mehdi Khalloufi
    Dow Chemical
  • David Knezevic
  • Vijay Kumar
    Columbia University
  • Abhishek Kumar
    Wentworth Institute of Technology
  • Alexander Lavin
    Pasteur Labs & Inst. for Simulation Intelligence
  • Yiping Lu
    Northwestern University
  • Tingwei Meng
  • Rambod Mojgani
    The University of Chicago
  • Nikhil Muralidhar
    Stevens Institute of Technology
  • Abdul Mustajab
    Department of Informatics, Bioengineering, Robotics and Systems Engineering (DIBRIS), University of Genova, Italy
  • Saleh Nabi
    Schneider Electric
  • Mohammad Nabian
    University of Telepegaso,Rome,Italy
  • Victor Oancea
    Dassault Systemes
  • Sarah Osentoski
  • shaowu pan
    Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
  • Vignesh Perumal
    UHV3D, Inc.
  • Adrienne Propp
    Stanford University
  • Rishikesh Ranade
  • Danielle Robinson
    Amazon Web Services AI Labs
  • Marco Romanelli
    New York University
  • Lauren Sanders
  • Harsh Sharma
  • Qin Sheng
    Baylor University
  • Ankit Shrivastava
    Sandia National Laboratory
  • Andrew Spann
    Veryst Engineering, LLC
  • Ravi Srinivasan
    The University of Texas at Austin
  • Panos Stinis
    Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
    Cornell University
  • Daniel Tartakovsky
    Stanford University
  • Mohammad Vaezi
    University of Rochester
  • Edison Vazquez
    Schneider Electric
  • Haruko Wainwright
  • Tianshi Xu
    Emory University
  • Sangeeta Yadav
    University of Wisconsin
  • Yadong Zeng
    Altair Engineering Inc
  • Ming Zhong
    Illinois Institute of Technology

Application Information

ICERM welcomes applications from faculty, postdocs, graduate students, industry scientists, and other researchers who wish to participate. Some funding may be available for travel and lodging. Graduate students who apply must have their advisor submit a statement of support in order to be considered.

Your Visit to ICERM

ICERM Facilities
ICERM is located on the 10th & 11th floors of 121 South Main Street in Providence, Rhode Island. ICERM's business hours are 8:30am - 5:00pm during this event. See our facilities page for more info about ICERM and Brown's available facilities.
Traveling to ICERM
ICERM is located at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island. Providence's T.F. Green Airport (15 minutes south) and Boston's Logan Airport (1 hour north) are the closest airports. Providence is also on Amtrak's Northeast Corridor. In-depth directions and transportation information are available on our travel page.
ICERM's special rate will soon be made available via this page for our preferred hotel, the Hampton Inn & Suites Providence Downtown. ICERM also regularly works with the Graduate Hotel and Hilton Garden Inn who both have discounted rates available. Contact before booking anything.
The only way ICERM participants should book a room is through the hotel reservation links located on this page or through links emailed to them from an ICERM email address ( ICERM never works with any conference booking vendors and never collects credit card information.
Those traveling with family who are interested in information about childcare and/or schools should contact
Technology Resources
Wireless internet access ("Brown-Guest") and wireless printing is available for all ICERM visitors. Eduroam is available for members of participating institutions. Thin clients in all offices and common areas provide open access to a web browser, SSH terminal, and printing capability. See our Technology Resources page for setup instructions and to learn about all available technology.
To request special services, accommodations, or assistance for this event, please contact as far in advance of the event as possible. Thank you.
Discrimination and Harassment Policy
ICERM is committed to creating a safe, professional, and welcoming environment that benefits from the diversity and experiences of all its participants. Brown University's "Code of Conduct", "Discrimination and Workplace Harassment Policy", "Sexual and Gender-based Misconduct Policy", and "Title IX Policy" apply to all ICERM participants and staff. Participants with concerns or requests for assistance on a discrimination or harassment issue should contact the ICERM Director or Assistant Directors Kathryn Boots or Jenna Sousa; they are the responsible employees at ICERM under this policy.
Fundamental Research
ICERM research programs aim to promote Fundamental Research and mathematical sciences education. If you are engaged in sensitive or proprietary work, please be aware that ICERM programs often have participants from countries and entities subject to United States export control restrictions. Any discoveries of economically significant intellectual property supported by ICERM funding should be disclosed.
Exploring Providence
Providence's world-renowned culinary scene provides ample options for lunch and dinner. Neighborhoods near campus, including College Hill Historic District, have many local attractions. Check out the map on our Explore Providence page to see what's near ICERM.

Visa Information

Contact for assistance.

Eligible to be reimbursed
B-1 or Visa Waiver Business (WB)
Ineligible to be reimbursed
B-2 or Visa Waiver Tourist (WT)
Already in the US?

F-1 and J-1 not sponsored by ICERM: need to obtain a letter approving reimbursement from the International Office of your home institution PRIOR to travel.

H-1B holders do not need letter of approval.

All other visas: alert ICERM staff immediately about your situation.

ICERM does not reimburse visa fees. This chart is to inform visitors whether the visa they enter the US on allows them to receive reimbursement for the items outlined in their invitation letter.

Financial Support

This section is for general purposes only and does not indicate that all attendees receive funding. Please refer to your personalized invitation to review your offer.

As this program is funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF), ICERM is required to collect your ORCID iD if you are receiving funding to attend this program. Be sure to add your ORCID iD to your Cube profile as soon as possible to avoid delaying your reimbursement.
Acceptable Costs
  • 1 roundtrip between your home institute and ICERM
  • Flights in economy class to either Providence airport (PVD) or Boston airport (BOS)
  • Ground Transportation to and from airports and ICERM.
Unacceptable Costs
  • Flights on U.K. airlines
  • Seats in economy plus, business class, or first class
  • Change ticket fees of any kind
  • Multi-use bus passes
  • Meals or incidentals
Advance Approval Required
  • Personal car travel to ICERM from outside New England
  • Multiple-destination plane ticket; does not include layovers to reach ICERM
  • Arriving or departing from ICERM more than a day before or day after the program
  • Multiple trips to ICERM
  • Rental car to/from ICERM
  • Arriving or departing from airport other than PVD/BOS or home institution's local airport
  • 2 one-way plane tickets to create a roundtrip (often purchased from Expedia, Orbitz, etc.)
Travel Maximum Contributions
  • New England: $350
  • Other contiguous US: $850
  • Asia & Oceania: $2,000
  • All other locations: $1,500
  • Note these rates were updated in Spring 2023 and superseded any prior invitation rates. Any invitations without travel support will still not receive travel support.
Reimbursement Requests

Request Reimbursement with Cube

Refer to the back of your ID badge for more information. Checklists are available at the front desk and in the Reimbursement section of Cube.

Reimbursement Tips
  • Scanned original receipts are required for all expenses
  • Airfare receipt must show full itinerary and payment
  • ICERM does not offer per diem or meal reimbursement
  • Allowable mileage is reimbursed at prevailing IRS Business Rate and trip documented via pdf of Google Maps result
  • Keep all documentation until you receive your reimbursement!
Reimbursement Timing

6 - 8 weeks after all documentation is sent to ICERM. All reimbursement requests are reviewed by numerous central offices at Brown who may request additional documentation.

Reimbursement Deadline

Submissions must be received within 30 days of ICERM departure to avoid applicable taxes. Submissions after thirty days will incur applicable taxes. No submissions are accepted more than six months after the program end.