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Andrea Bertozzi Elected to NAS

May 1, 2018
— ICERM is pleased to share the news that Andrea Bertozzi, the founding chair of ICERM's Scientific Advisory Board, has been elected to the National Academy of Sciences. Andrea is known for her research in image segmentation, cooperative control of robotic vehicles, swarming, fluid interfaces, and crime modeling. Her ICERM public lecture on "The Mathematics of Crime" inspired the institute's 2016 "Predictive Policing" workshop.

Walker Named SIAM Fellow

April 4, 2018
— Homer Walker (WPI) was recently named a SIAM Fellow. Homer, an ICERM Deputy Director Emeritus, was recognized for his contributions to theory and software of iterative methods for nonlinear systems and optimization, as well as application of these methods to scientific simulations.

Bjorn Sandstede Named New DSI Director

March 31, 2018
— Bjorn Sandstede, one of ICERM's founding Associate Directors, has been named the director of Brown's Data Science Initiative. He will succeed Jeff Brock (a founding ICERM Deputy Director), who has accepted a position at Yale as inaugural dean of science for the Faculty of Arts and Sciences (FAS).

Juan Meza Appointed DMS Director

February 23, 2018
— Congratulations to founding ICERM science board member, Juan Meza, who has been appointed as the Division Director for the Division of Mathematical Sciences (DMS) at the National Science Foundation (NSF).

Jill Pipher, President-elect of the AMS

February 8, 2018
— Jill Pipher, founding director of ICERM, began her term as president-elect of the American Mathematical Society on February 1 — a position which she will hold until she officially becomes president next February.

Inaugural Simons Collaboration Conference

February 6, 2018
— The Simons Collaboration on "Arithmetic Geometry, Number Theory, and Computation", led by ICERM, announced that its first conference will be held this summer at MIT on August 20-24, 2018.

MAA Outstanding Poster Awards

January 24, 2018
— ICERM was pleased that several students from its Summer@ICERM 2017 program won the MAA "Outstanding Poster Award" at the 2018 Joint Mathematics Meeting. Congrats to Erin Bugbee and Claire Savard ("Comparing Songs Using Matrix Pattern Preservation"), Nathaniel Clause and Jose Angel Sanchez Gomez ("A First Approach to a General Theory of Filtration Functions"), and Adam Jaffee ("Vietoris-Rips Complexes of Regular Polygons").


Semester Program Visitors

ICERM welcomes applications for semester program visitors who wish to spend between 2 weeks and one semester at ICERM to participate in one of our semester-long programs. The research interest of semester program visitors should relate to the semester program. Applications may be submitted at any time until the end of the semester program and will be considered as long as funds remain available. Apply to upcoming programs with Cube.

Workshop Participants

ICERM workshops, both semester and topical, provide other opportunities for participation in our activities. Funding for workshop participation is limited. Apply to upcoming workshops with Cube. Decisions about online applications are typically made 1-3 months before the workshop.

Each year ICERM runs Summer@ICERM, an undergraduate research program that spans eight weeks. Our program involves approximately 15-20 undergraduate students who work in groups of two or three, supervised by faculty advisors and aided by teaching assistants. Travel within the U.S. and lodging expenses are paid for, and every participant receives a $3,000 salary (Brown students typically receive an UTRA grant in lieu of the S@I salary). Proposals for undergraduate research programs are chosen competitively, and undergraduates need to apply to participate. View details about the summer 2018 program.

ICERM welcomes applications from graduate students who wish to spend between 6 weeks and one semester at ICERM to participate in one of our semester-long programs. ICERM will provide workspace, shared computers, and lockers; ICERM offers support for travel to the institute and local accommodations. The research interest of visiting graduate students should relate to the semester program. Applications may be submitted at any time until the end of the semester program and will be considered as long as funds and space remain available.

If you are interested in applying to attend a workshop, you will need to request that your advisor submit a statement of support. Graduate students who present a poster at an ICERM workshop are typically awarded funding for local accommodations.

Apply to upcoming programs using Cube.

ICERM brings early-career mathematicians to the institute in order to support and expand their research and to create lasting career collaborations and connections. There are three ways to participate as a Postdoctoral Fellow in an ICERM semester program:

  • Postdoctoral Institute Fellows: The institute funds two academic-year postdoctoral positions that include a salary and benefits. Each Institute Postdoc is a research participant in one of the semester programs planned for that academic year, and remains at the institute during the alternate semester as a researcher-in-residence. Applications for the 2018-2019 positions are open on
  • Postdoctoral Semester Fellows: These postdoctoral researchers are associated with a specific program and are in residence for that semester, supported by a monthly salary and benefits. Applications for the 2018-2019 positions are open on
  • Postdoctoral Visitors: Postdoctoral researchers with support from their home institutions can apply for travel and/or lodging support to participate in an ICERM semester program. Go to ICERM's "Cube" system to apply.

Each postdoctoral researcher is paired with a senior long-term participant to ensure mentoring and professional guidance. The institute provides a range of professional development activities for postdoctoral researchers and graduate students. A weekly graduate student/postdoctoral seminar facilitates peer connections between graduate student researchers and postdoctoral researchers.

ICERM encourages proposals for programs that support its mission to foster and broaden the relationship between mathematics and computation. We welcome your ideas for semester programs, topical workshops, small group research (Collaborate@ICERM), and our Summer@ICERM undergraduate research programs. How to propose an Program or Workshop.