• Is a five-day non-residential program open to 20-25 high school girls who will be entering the 10th or 11th grade
  • Occurs at Brown University’s Institute for Computational and Experimental Research in Mathematics (ICERM)
  • Seeks to motivate young women to consider careers in mathematics, computation, and quantitative fields
  • Encourages participants to explore, and invites them to excel in, the mathematical sciences
  • Incorporates interactive lectures, hands-on activities and games that help bring home mathematical concepts in fun ways
  • Has daily computer-labs to introduce girls to programming skills and coding
  • Covers topics like cryptography, mathematics of voting, image processing, fractals, prime numbers and factoring
  • Is taught by accomplished professors, undergraduate and graduate teaching assistants, all serving as career models and scientific mentors


ICERM believes that this extraordinary program can and should be replicated on a national basis. Plans are already underway: sufficient funding will enable the institute to package and provide a variety of lecture topics, interactive scientific materials, and computer lab exercises. A train-the-trainer component is also in the works, as is the potential for creating an application process for start-up seed grants.


Donations and gifts to the GirlsGetMath@ICERM program can come in many forms. A gift as small as $1,000 will cover the cost for one girl’s experience; a $50,000 donation will seed the planned national franchise of this program. Gifts and donations can be named or anonymous.

  • $500 funds two Alumnae Counselors
  • $1,000 funds a scholarship for one girl to attend the program
  • $18,000 funds one Alumnae Reunion Event (career panels, coding marathons, ICERM RI high school math teacher of the year award ceremony)
  • $25,000 sponsors one summer GirlsGetMath program
  • $50,000 provides seed funding for a GirlsGetMath franchise

All gifts to GirlsGetMath@ICERM program are tax deductible to the extent allowed by federal law under the umbrella of Brown University's status as a 501(c)(3) charitable institution.


To learn more about giving to GirlsGetMath@ICERM, contact David Loerke: 401-863-6766, or donate online at


A 2016 alumna said, "One of the highlights of this program was that I now have a stronger idea on what I would like to study in the future. For example, I realized that I enjoy putting codes into the computer and figuring out all of the different things it could do. Another highlight was that I met some great people that I'm sure I'll be friends with for a long time."

"Growing up I struggled with math, but it actually made me want to continue to know more and grow," said a 2015 GirlsGetMath@ICERM alumna. "I've never tried anything like this and I am glad I have now. This program definitely changed my perspective on math and has boosted my confidence as well."

Another 2015 alumna said, "The highlight of the program was probably not only getting to meet new people who loved math like me, but being in the program made me feel proud of my math skills."

A parent of a 2015 GirlsGetMath participant said, "My daughter has struggled with her confidence in math and it has held her back quite a bit. I saw so much growth in her and it has made a huge impact on her this year [since the program]. Thank you.”

A 2014 GirlsGetMath@ICERM alumna said, "GirlsGetMath@ICERM was incredibly rewarding; although math has always been challenging for me, the teachers were engaging and many of the activities used science, music, and art to demonstrate the practical applications of math in all career paths. My favorite part of the course was when we used matrices to create filters for photographs. It was a hands-on, immersive experience that has not only helped me as I continue on to higher level math courses, but also restored my passion for the subject. In addition, during the course of this program, I made many friends who continue to pursue STEM careers and inspire me to become a more educated person."


Take a look at the 2017 GirlsGetMath@ICERM program.