Industrial Problems in Radar and Seismic Reconstruction
(September 11 - 13, 2017)


In radar and seismic reconstruction, as in other areas of applied mathematics, interactions between academic and non-academic researchers create synergies that are vital to advancing both theory and applications. The purpose of this three-day workshop is to enrich the semester program through such interactions. It is expected that most participants will be drawn from the semester program; however, others are also welcome to participate. Applications from graduate students, postdocs, and other early-career investigators are especially encouraged.

Each of the first two days of the workshop will begin with background talks, after which experts from industrial and governmental laboratories will present "real-world" problems to workshop participants. The participants will then brainstorm possible approaches to the problems under the guidance of the experts. On the third day, designated participants will present summaries of the proposed approaches and their potential advantages and disadvantages.

Workshop participants will not be expected to solve the problems during the workshop. Hopefully, though, the discussions will provide motivation for developments later in the program and perhaps stimulate research during the semester and beyond.

Organizing Committee

= speaker    = poster presenter